Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I want a loyal friend!

All I can say is the most important thing, YOU want a loyal friend, someone who'll tell you the worst thing but still be there to guide u through. A woman who can adapt to any environment, Take kids to arena 1 hour and within 30 mins be dressed(and the kids changed too) and be in the school gym for a concert.
I grew up with competing with guys as a child which taught me to be able to defend myself as well it motivated me to better myself but to be loyal to those who'll be loyal to you.

**MAJOR BONUS** play most sports and watch most sports, as long as not over done, plus I play cards(Texas and Euchre) can out drink most guys with beer)

As for what I'm looking for, generally in good shape, competitive, preppy/sporty look and is spontaneous

I have strong values and I stand by all that I say. GUYS I say this so u know I'm not here for games. Every person who has met me has nothing but good things to say. Just mainly my choice to stay single because of all my small picky points that add up to be huge over time... What.they are... you'll have to figure it out.

BTW I work with over 1000 guys I understand, appreciate, yet stand upto their standards and surpass, so be prepared for a challenge... not all talk, 100% total walk